Adam Mori, San Francisco, United States

B. Bravo is a Bay Area future music producer who pushes the boundaries between RnB and modern funk, creating smooth, jazzzed out sounds for laid back listening pleasure.

B has released 3 solo EPs and 1 collab EP with Teeko, with a similar sound, but all different in their own respect. The “Kiss N Tell EP” (2011) is a personal favourite and features soulful vocals and the occasional rap, supported by galatic leads and bass kicks.

Bravo’s latest remix track is perfect for a relaxed Sunday vibe; hot summer day, drop-top, family cookout, or even when just kicking back and straight maxin’. Peep the track below:

Buy the “Kiss N Tell EP” here (look out for track 1 “Substance”. on the B side, it’s next level):



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