Herrmutt Lobby

Liege, Belgium

Herrmutt Lobby is a collection of programmers and music producers, who design software and hardware to assist them with creating experimental electronic hip-hop beats.

Having recently released their first iPad beatmaking app “Beatsurfing” with Vlek, and released the much anticipated “Haters Gonna Hate” EP (2013), the Herrmutt cats have been fairly quiet, mainly working on developing new beatmaking equipment.

Herrmutt Lobby productions are highly hip-hop influenced, in terms of drum patterns, however, their artistically complex beats comprise of far out sounds which can only be regarded as ‘space-hop’. The experimental nature of their productions means that their beats are very creative and self-expressive, resulting in each beat serving as a new experience for the listener.

Cop “Haters Gonna Hate” (2013) here: http://www.eatconcrete.net/shop/

Some Herrmutt tracks to peep displaying the space-hop creative sound are as follows:

Peep it


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