Featured artist: Lapalux

Britain, UK

BRAINFEEDER artist Lapalux, produces future experimental electronica beats.

Difficult to categorise because of their unorthodox and unique sound, Lapalux productions always seem to captivate the listener, and for that reason, are regarded as planetarybeats.

The dude’s beats are often slowed up, backed by smooth, lady-vocals and layered with complex grinding synth sounds, whilst still managing to sound musical. The distorted drum patterns and other captivating instrument sounds, with the occasional laser, are all symbolic of the Lapalux beatmanship. The dude’s creativity only adds to the listening pleasure of each track, by telling a different story. The melodic, sample-based Lapalux beats are truly encapsulating and possibly an idea of what the future will sound like.

Homie has recently released an album “Nostalchic” (2013), with incredible tracks such as “Without You (feat. Kerry Leatham)”, which features a music video that is just as, if not more creative, than the track itself. Dude has released a future garage album “When You’re Gone” (2012), which is still significant of the Lapalux style of production, differing from traditional UK future garage.

Cop Nostalchic here:


Cop When You’re Gone here:


“Without You” official music video:


Some dope Lapalux tracks to peep:



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