Los Angeles, United States

Experimental hip-hop beatmaker Knxwledge, resides in LA, and produces sample-based beatstrumentals of the 5th kind.

These beats, that can be described as abstract hip-hop, or ‘hop.hip’ as the dude refers to them, are nice for their raw, old-school hip-hop feel and creative use of samples. Knx mixes up sounds such as soul, jazz, and R&B, to create his beats, giving them that unique Knx style. Homie has a boatload of experimental hip-hop releases on his bandcamp page:, all reminiscent of the raw, 90s hip-hop, yet differ in their own right. Bass heavy and boom-bap reinstated, Knxwledge’s throwback meets new school style of production is definitely noteworthy and worth a cop at a reasonable price.

A personal favourite Knx type of release, is the [TWRK]s, which is a bunch of remixes of hip-hop artists from the likes of Danny Brown, to Cam’Ron.

Cop these [TWRK] releases here: Danny Brown XXX remix album Bootleg beattape with some [TWRK]s on it

Dopest Knx track:



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