Flying Lotus

Los Angeles , United States

Founder of BRAINFEEDER record label, LA-based experimental beatmaker Flying Lotus produces abstract, cosmic jazz, and instrumental hip-hop tracks.

Flylo has collab’d with other experimental beatmakers such as SAMIYAM, and Mr. Oizo, as well as rappers from the likes of Earl Sweatshirt and Azizi Gibson. Dude also raps over alternative hip-hop beats under the name “Captain Murphy”.

Dubbed as a multi-genre laptop musician, Flylo’s productions are truly experimental, from the distorted sounding instruments, the 8-bit infused glitch, down to the pitch bended kicks and snares. These seemingly complex productions still make for good listening, as they somehow manage to sound musical. Dude had two releases in 2012, one under the name Flying lotus (Until The Quiet Comes), and one under Captain Murphy (Duality). Both are very different, one being a Flylo future jazz album, and the other a free Captain Murphy abstract hip-hop mixtape. This goes to show the dude’s versatility and creativity in his productions, as he creates left-of-centre beats and vocals using elements of different existing genres.

Cop Until The Quiet Comes here:

Cop Duality Deluxe Edition (free) here:

Some dope Flylo tracks to peep:

A BRAINFEEDER x BBC mix by Flying Lotus, SAMIYAM, and Ras_G:



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