Cape Town, South Africa

Desert Head, stylised as DESERT_HEΔD, is an experimental hip-hop producer residing in the MOM City.

Exactly 1/2 of Christian Tiger School, a psychedelic dream hop duo from Cape Town, homie Desert Head has created some trap, electronica, and raw hip-hop remixes, as well as boom bap beatstrumentals under his solo project.

In addition to his beatmaking en-devours, the dude has recently been involved in the creation of a monthly hip-hop event in Cape Town called “Button Bashers”, and is held in the Assembly Annex.

Regarding his productions, the Desert Head style involves thick drum kicks, and raw samples, significant of the 90s hip-hop era. Although the dude’s solo project has only been running for about a year now, he has performed a number dj sets, as well as live sets around the Cape Town city bowl, bringing that raw experimental hip-hop and electronica.

Button Bashers:

Some dope free DESERT_HEΔD tracks to cop:

Free mix:



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