Featured artist: Harmonic 313

Sydney, Australia

Harmonic 313 is an experimental hip-hop electronica side project by electronic music producer and DJ, Mark Pritchard.

Formed in 2008, the 313 solo project involves galactic hip-hop and dancehall productions, along with golden era hip-hop, mixed with trap, jungle, and dancehall DJ sets. The project is an off-shoot of the Detroit style electronic hip-hop project Harmonic 33 with Dave Brinkworth.

The 2008 Harmonic 313 beatmanship was significant of warped out, 8-bit, cosmic sounds supported by heavy bass and bumping hip-hop drum patterns. The dude released 2 EPs in 2008, “Dirtbox” and “EP 1”, both in line with this style of production. As 2009 approached, 313 released “When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence”, a full length album, which comprised of tracks from his previous EPs, as well some new ones. These new age, left-of-centre electronic hip-hop beats were clearly ahead of their time, and are mainly beatstrumentals, with the odd vocal track or two.

The 2012 to present 313 production style has shifted towards electronic reggae, and dancehall and is mainly evident in the dude’s DJ sets and the occasional track posted on his soundcloud

Cop EP 1 here: http://warp.net/records/releases/harmonic-313/ep1

Cop Dirtbox EP here: http://warp.net/records/releases/harmonic-313/dirtbox

Cop When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence here: http://warp.net/records/releases/harmonic-313/when-machines-exceed

Some ill 313 tracks to peep:



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