Featured artist: HLMNSRA

London, UK

Short-hand for “Hello My Name Is Ra”, producer HLMNSRA makes abstract hip-hop beats on a future tip.

A fairly new cat on the experimental beatscene, HLMNSRA’s productions vary from raw 90s hip-hop beatstrumentals, to synthed out electronic hip-hop beats, to wonky lo-fi resamples. In terms of his electronic productions, lasers for synths over boombap hip-hop beats and breaks gives the dude’s tracks a space age feel, as well as a wiled out rap beat element. On the other hand, HLMNSRA’s beatstrumentals take the shape of Dilla cuts and soulful, raw sounds in true 90s fashion.

Both styles of the HLMNSRA beatmanship are creative and abstract in their own right, offering different vibes on different beats. Although the dude does not have an official release as yet, he has a free beattape available on his soundcloud page, and a bunch of other productions to peep.

Scope some cosmic HLMNSRA tracks here:



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