JONGPADAWAN x I Kicked A Cloud Once: Dualism

As the EP title suggests, the dudes IKACO and JPW have formed a collab, blending their different, new wave production styles to create art. Released on Greased Up Records, “Dualism” is a 3-track hybrid EP that can only be characterised as ‘future’. Lo-fi, wonky and modular synth work over hip-hop influenced percussions and dreamscape sounds are delivered succinctly with each beat. Word, so similarly to the fellas’ names, expect to drift off, kicking clouds with jedi masters when listening to this next-type release.

Listen to the release here whilst you peep the Q&A, then cop it as ‘a name your price’ (0 included) download on the record label’s bandcamp:


So, Planetary went and set up an interview with the beatmakers to find out a little more about the dudes’ behind the computer screens, here’s what went down:

Planetary Beats: Right off the bat, you two dudes have some pretty interesting names. What went down in your respective name generation processes, and what meanings have you ascribed to your names?

 IKACO: I watched that disney show TaleSpin a lot as a child, and this guy Kit Cloudkicker has a cool name right? So I just played around with the words a little, and I came up with my name, which is too damn long! I can’t even type in my full artist name on twitter!

JPW: I have always been a fan of the Star Wars-movies and when I re-watched the movies a couple of years ago I heard the word “padawan”. To explain it, a padawan is a jedi-apprentice. At the time, the name suited me perfect, since I was a new beatmaker and I was still trying to find my own sound.


Planetary Beats: Both new artists on the electronic beat-scene with different production styles, what did each of you learn during the compilation of this collab release?

IKACO: I learned a lot of stuff from JPW. His take on producing is pretty cool, and he works in Ableton Live, and I’m on Cubase – so naturally, we have different approaches and techniques. This is my first collab actually, and it worked out extremely well. We had a pretty dope workflow overall! JPW’s use of clicky percussion sounds has inspired me a lot, and that has already influenced some of my newer tracks.

JPW: I learned the basics of another DAW and the basics of other instruments than the ones I’m using myself in my solo-stuff. Also, it’s just really inspiring to see how IKACO makes his music.


Planetary Beats: Who and what were you main influences for each of you during this collab project?

IKACO: My main influence must have been JONGPADAWAN’s music, since I wanted to incorporate his style into the project (naturally). I was already inspired by it to begin with. Besides that, we were frequently checking out tracks from some of the dope Project Mooncircle artists, just to get some extra inspiration.

JPW: For me it was listening to IKACO’s music, in order to give me some inspiration to the whole process and also to find out how we could combine our different styles into something great.


Planetary Beats: What would you guys say are the main challenges you face as new artists on the scene?

IKACO: Probably getting the hype your music deserves. So many unheard talents out there, and that’s a shame – but that’s also the game of course! You try to get people to post your things on blogs and stuff like that, but at the same time, you don’t want to come off as too eager. The best thing is when people randomly discover your music, and starts posting it, simply because they enjoy it.

JPW: Getting people to know that you exist. You have to be different from all the other beatmakers in order to get noticed. Of cause another challenge is to find your own unique sound.


Planetary Beats: If you were to liken this release to a cartoon character, which would it be and why?

IKACO: I would probably choose ‘Silver Fang’. Simply because he’s one of my favourites.

JPW: Good question…. Maybe I would choose Dwight from Frank Miller’s “Sin City”, since he’s this mysterious character, whose appearance changes quite a bit throughout the story.


Planetary Beats: Besides making beats, what other things do you dudes enjoy doing in your free time?

IKACO: I’m doing a lot of amateur photographing, and a little bit of film making, when I’m not producing music. Most of my time is currently occupied by producing though, as I’m working pretty hard on my forthcoming EP. Also, I’m participating whenever there’s a cool gig around.

JPW: Spending time with friends and family. I also like to spend time outside, preferably in a beautiful green area near my home, to gather my thoughts and get some inspiration.


Planetary Beats: Last off, who has the cooler studio space, and what makes it cooler?

IKACO: Aww man, this question hurts me, haha! I’m on two cheap ass hi-fi speakers, and no monitors at the moment. Working it out though… It’s just a matter of habituating with what you’ve got I guess. Other than that I own a few controllers to spice things up, but I’m doing almost everything on the computer itself. I know for a fact that JONGPADAWAN was using his kitchen as studio sometimes, during his time in Berlin, haha. I think I can top that one. Hopefully, he has settled with something better now that he’s returned to Denmark. But mark my words; it’s the man, not the machine!

JPW: In Berlin where we made the EP, IKACO definitely has the cooler studio with speakers, sub, a keyboard and a decent soundcard. My setup was in my small kitchen and I had to use headphones because of a music-hating neighbour, which is why we used IKACO’s studio.


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