CULP, Canada

LO-FI beatmaker and roller blade hockey player CULP takes time off making beats and listening to the sound of nature to chat via the webs of the internet, about the LO-FI movement, his latest album ‘MARINELAND’, and Steve Wiebe amongst other things.

Planetary Beats: Right off the bat, how did you come up with the name ‘CULP’ and what does it mean?

CULP:  It’s changed over time from CULPRIT303 – to CULP. It’s my last name.


Planetary Beats: On that point, what is the deal with all the lo-fi SP cats on the come-up putting their names in all caps?

CULP: THE CAPS USE TO BE A WAY TO SIFT THROUGH THE BULLSHIT, respectively. It was a way to let others know that you are making that lo-fi sound. Heavy compression, 0G vinyl sim, bounce to tape, etc. it’s the low end shit-gear theory. It was far out and not trending as hard as it is now, 5 years ago, that’s why I went CAPS. It made it easier to find like-artists. The sound is trending hard, so that theory has kind of gone dodo. There’s a lot of SP’s out there.

Planetary Beats: What SPs do you have at the moment, and what other gear do you use alongside them to make beats?

CULP: ‘At the moment’ SP 606. It’s the Tony Danza of the lab. All my audio sources talk to it. I think it has around 43 Mfx and 2 can be instantiated at the same time. There’s a 4 part sequencer and external re-sampling. It’s fast, and has some auto chopping features. It’s really a great machine. I still haven’t tapped into all its features. It’s my only SP with me right now. It has some impressive features that work with a computer. I always bounce out to Ableton live. Ableton is my multi track “tape deck.” It prevents me from forgetting about tracks I’ve made and lost. It glues everything together. I’m also a fan of the Micro-sampler, Juno-106, DX21, mkXL, 404, jobsPAD and monotrons. I just moved so I just flipped my whole set up to minimalism.

Planetary Beats: I’ve been on that SLF TAPES for a minute now and seen some mad unorthodox ways of using SPs, do you have any weird ways of utilising your SPs or just standard use?

CULP: I use the sequencer without quantize. Deep, I know. Honestly, I don’t think too many use it. I am under the assumption that brews like the re-sample method. I’m on the OG 404 and it has slight delay on the external banks–my timing is bogus with a delay-lag, this ruins my outfit. I think it’s because of my compact flash card? and those are a rarity to find now. I keep it on lo-fi brew, that’s the standard.

Planetary Beats: How would you describe your left-centre beats in one sentence?

CULP: I’m a right hand shot from the left wing.

Planetary Beats: What/who were your main influences on the MARINELAND album?

CULP: The Caribbean, Dpeee, collecting synthesizers, the death of Tuxedo Himself, Green Llamas, Perry of SLFtapes + affiliates, Lord beatjitzu, Gang bl00d, a dead muppet master, 90’s VHS cassettes, microwaved meows, and snorkeling.

Planetary Beats: Who did the album art for it and can you give a short explanation on the image?

CULP: I did the album art. It’s a lot of pictures from my phone and images that I have some relation with or found amusing.

Planetary Beats: Where did you get the vox sample in the intro of your track ‘GRANDBEND’, does it have any deeper meaning or is it just for the laughs?

CULP: It’s the hosts from the ‘Super Mario Brothers Super Show!’ It was one of the first TV shows I learned how to record on VHS back in like 1990. It’s where all this VHS recording started for me. It’s the stems of ‘dude bruhs’ and it made an impression when I was 7.  Definitely for laughs.

Planetary Beats: What are you doing when you aren’t making future sounds?

CULP: I stay active. You can’t hide out in your lab all the time in Canada, our warm weather lasts for 4 months. I have a fixed gear & I play roller blade hockey at an outdoor hockey rink with a tight crew of brews from ‘Canada man’. We smoke ganj and drink cheap beer, there’s a lot of roughhousing, falling over, cuts, body checking …There are epic shoot outs and showdowns—weekly grudges, shit talking, etc. we get shitty funny… it’s a competitive homeboy event, with a tight click.

Planetary Beats: I did a bit of surfing on the net to find out who this STEVE WIEBE dude is, but why did you dudes choose to sample him on SIDE B of the WU-CULT KILLAHZ collab beat-tape?

CULP: It’s the B side yo, it’s where I always have music. I guess that’s where I maintain well. It’s the humble Wiebe mentality. Billy Mitchell asked me to throw a high score tape together in a week, so I bought an fb-01 for $20 because it sounds like a Sega genesis and created everything from scratch… Billy has a ‘winners always win’ ego and needed to test Wiebe. He flipped the sample joints so I passed him my score synth tape and he headlined the show, it’s how it is. It’s an honour to be on a tape with Billy-li-Jitzu. I feel obligated to collaborate with dudes who pioneered ALL CAPS for me, ya know.

Planetary Beats: What is next on the CULP project, can we expect any solo releases or collabs in the near future?

CULP: There’s always something on its way, but I don’t like to promise anything, this music is for serious fun though. There are too many obligations to fulfil.  I took it really negatively when MARINELAND was shared outside of Bandcamp. On a positive note, it had a lot of support from Bandcamp and that helps fund my life but specifically, fuels NEW MUSIC. Although, it’s a deterrent when someone shares your music without linking the artist, I’m guilty of sharing other peoples audio, don’t get me wrong, but I always let the artist know through an email that I consciously did it, usually because it has been inspirational to me. If they are unhappy about it; you stop.

I have put out half a dozen albums and countless free tracks-that I should have some control over regarding; what is free, and what should cost some ‘chump-change’…guaranteed you have purchased some dumb shit that has cost you more money than CULP -MARINELAND. Just reach out if you can’t afford it. Don’t be a shady lurker. Keep it personal. I’ll reply to you. Check, Microwaved Meows on Youtube,, /P00K, /L0HEESH, and GANG BL00D at the tumblr for some weekly microwaves—soon.

Planetary Beats: Last off, I know you sample a lot of rap vox so you must like that shit; if you were to start rapping, off top what would your rap name be?



Cop some side project  beats from ya boy CULP and then some tracks off MARINELAND here via these links:       — P00K      — P00K, CULP, L0HEESH  — MARINELAND – 05 – KELP — MARINELAND – 15 – GRANDBEND — MARINELAND – 17 – ______

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