Featured album: WrapTaypes​.​PRT​.​5


Released 18 May 2013

Latest beat-tape release from Knx comes in the form of the 5th installment of the Wrap Taypes series. The 12-track album features ill vox samples from Mary J, L.A The Darkman, Pac, Hova, Drizzy and more.

The tape takes a soulful direction encompassing chill, jazzy drum patterns and warm loops, and takes a more vocal-centric approach in comparison to the past Wrap Taypes.

Arguably the dopest tape yet, crate digga Knx subtly and effectively meshes the golden era of hip-hop with the new school to create ‘hop.hip’, showing his sampling wizardry in the cut.

Peep some standout tracks on the dude’s soundcloud page:

Cop the album here for $10 USD or more:



Featured artist: Dave Sparkz

Zürich, Switzerland

Abstract sample based hip-hop beatmaker Dave Sparks, produces nu-soul and JDilla influenced tracks.

Sparkz productions embody the characteristics of golden age hip-hop, that being; carefully selected samples intertwined with chopped up vocals and raw breaks. The dude differentiates by adding his own upbeat, jazzy flavour evident in every release. Also, Sparkz switches the style up with his array of head-bobbing drum patterns layered with mad swing.

In his latest collab release with Camillo Fritanga, the dude samples a bunch of Wu-Tang vocals that take shape over the raw rap beats. The Available as a name your price download on bandcamp, the 46-track album includes jazzed out, wonky productions and is on a 90s hip-hop revival tip.

Cop the album here for free: http://boyoomconnective.bandcamp.com/

Peep some Dave Sparkz beats here off his soundcloud page:


Modular Tapes Vol. 3

The 3rd installment of Modular Tapes features a 13 minute mix of experimental, lo-fi hip-hop beats called “SPECIAL OLYMPICS” from the dude SENSEIHIMSELF.

Each beat is roughly 1 minute or shorter and a reflection of SENSEI’s production creativity. The use of chopped up Japanese samples, and fat synth leads is prominent in this mix.

Offered as a ‘name your price’ download on the SLF bandcamp page, “SPECIAL OLYMPICS’ also comes with a snippet mix and some album artwork.

Cop the mix here:


Africa Beats Vol. 3

The 3rd episode of Africa Beats features 4 future-type beats from unknown SLF producer, SENSEIHIMSELF.

According to his Soundcloud, SENSEI resides in Angola, and produces experimental lo-fi hip-hop beats. The dude’s productions are generally beatstrumentals that range from just over and just under a minute long. SENSEI tracks manage to perfect the mix between soul and space, by offering fat analog synth sounds, as well as a downtempo melody.

The first SENSEI beat starts off the tape slow and soulfully and is one called FLYINGCARPET. Next up is another soulful track PINGPONGTOURNAMENT, followed by a more upbeat, heavy synthed out one called DRUGDEALER. Last on the tape is KOALABEAR, which encompasses both the fat analog and melodic elements of the SENSEI style of beatmanship.

Peep the tracks here:


Featured artist: HLMNSRA

London, UK

Short-hand for “Hello My Name Is Ra”, producer HLMNSRA makes abstract hip-hop beats on a future tip.

A fairly new cat on the experimental beatscene, HLMNSRA’s productions vary from raw 90s hip-hop beatstrumentals, to synthed out electronic hip-hop beats, to wonky lo-fi resamples. In terms of his electronic productions, lasers for synths over boombap hip-hop beats and breaks gives the dude’s tracks a space age feel, as well as a wiled out rap beat element. On the other hand, HLMNSRA’s beatstrumentals take the shape of Dilla cuts and soulful, raw sounds in true 90s fashion.

Both styles of the HLMNSRA beatmanship are creative and abstract in their own right, offering different vibes on different beats. Although the dude does not have an official release as yet, he has a free beattape available on his soundcloud page, and a bunch of other productions to peep.

Scope some cosmic HLMNSRA tracks here:


123Mrk – Weird

Squelch and Clap artist 123Mrk, throws down a spaced out Saturday night UK/Future Garage jam called “Weird”.

Track 2 off the dude’s Refined Madness EP (2012), Weird, boasts sweet shuffling swing drum kicks, captivating synth leads, laced with weird, chopped up vocals. The 123Mrk beatmanship style is consistent and involves off-beat, yet melodic groove patterns from warm synth sounds, a fat sub-bass, complimented by glitchy vocal hooks supporting the left-centre beat.

Refined Madness can be copped here: http://boomkat.com/downloads/490781-123mrk-refined-madness

Start your Saturday night off right by peeping the track here:


Modular Tapes Vol. 2

In the second feature of Modular Tapes, the emphasis is placed on beatmakers who produce lo-fi, wonky, video game hip-hop beats of the next dimension.

Beattape 2 is started off right with a smooth, 8-bit-type hip-hop beat from 9Planets, closely followed by a more vibey one from ChromadaData. Next on the tape is an abstract hip-hop track from HLMNSRA, layered with chopped lady vocals. Closing the tape is the homie CULP, with a fat analog experimental hip-hop beat, synthed out to the core.




SLF TAPES is an organisation of enigmatic experimental ambient, lo-fi beatmakers. The artists under SLF are unconventional in their productions as well as personalities, as seen by their left-of-centre names. Some SLF dudes include, WARM THIGHS, SENSAI HIMSELF,  and CULP. Their productions are hip-hop influenced in terms of drum patterns, and layered with fat analog synth leads.

Peep some of the SLF TAPES dudes’ productions here:

For more SLF TAPES peep the website here: http://www.slftapes.com


Africa Beats Vol. 2

The second installment of Africa Beats features well-regarded as well as up-and-coming producers in the Cape Town and Johannesburg electronic beatscene.

Established Jozi producer Liver opens the beattape up with an electronic swing jazz remix of a Mix n’ Blend x Fletcher track, followed by another remix from the new Cape Town dude on the scene who goes by the name of Remember Not To Forget. The remix is his experimental chillwave take on a Little Dragon track. Next beat is a synthed out psychedelic dream-hop beat from the duo Christian Tiger School. Lastly, the beattape ends off with a dubstep rap track from Sibot featuring Cerebral Vortex.


Featured artist: Oliver Palfreyman

London, Britain (UK)

Enigmatic beatmaker and member of the Fly By Night Collective, Oliver Palfreyman produces experimental, sample based hip-hop and electronica tracks.

The majority of Oliver’s productions take the shape of chillwave, electronica and raw loop based hip-hop beats. Dude uses enchanting synth leads, samples ambient sounds, and lays out boom-bap drum patterns, creating uniquely soulful projects.

In terms of the dude’s work on Fly By Night, his productions are loop-based beatstrumentals, reminiscent of  that raw vinyl sound. His recent solo stuff has a more dreamy, electronic element to it, whilst still taking the shape of instrumental beats.

Peep the Fly By Night Collective releases here: http://flybynightcollective.bandcamp.com

Oliver has only released 1 solo EP, which is an instrumental, hip-hop jazz influenced release. Cop it here as a free download: http://oliverpalfreyman.bandcamp.com/

Some standout soundcloud beats from Oliver Palfreyman: