Earthly, spaced out, optic, and astral are some of the words that can be used to describe this ‘opposite of lucid’ upcoming release by PLACEHOLDER.

Release date unknown, the experimental EP mixes natural sounds with warm electronic synthwork and distorted instruments, creating a niche, in the form of a future ambient sound. Although an official release date has yet to be confirmed, the preview the dude uploaded shows we can expect a mature, yet edgy sound possibly influenced by nebulus and robots.

If space ships had sound systems in them, no doubt this pre-release would be stuck on repeat.



100wxxds presents: W33DW∆V3


Enigmatic Swede beatmaker 100wxxds drops 4 tracks described as ‘weedwave’, and explains a bit about the dude behind the PC, the name 100wxxds, and weedwave as a genre.

100wxxds says:

Bio: I’m a 24 year old weirdo that makes ‘weedwave’ music. I currently reside in Sweden.

Name: Ok, so I’m from Sweden right?  And in Sweden we’ve got tons of woods, so I thought, what better way to represent where I’m from than to add the woods (wxxds) part to my name. The x instead of o makes it just look doper I guess. Haha!

Influences: Right now I’m really into electronic music, folk music, and alternative rap. My influences range from all kinds of shit, Bon Iver to XXYYXX, I just love music and finding new music, and a lot of weird shit inspires me as well.

Weedwave: The term ‘weedwave’ came to mind, cause people kept saying my music sounds something you would do drugs to, like it would trigger the brain to want to do a massive amount of drugs, especially weed for some reason. I can see where they were coming from by saying that, personally it’s just me trying to make something unique and fresh.

Stay linked with 100wxxds to find out when the next beat drops:


Peep the weedwave vibes that have dropped thus far here:




SLF TAPES is an organisation of enigmatic experimental ambient, lo-fi beatmakers. The artists under SLF are unconventional in their productions as well as personalities, as seen by their left-of-centre names. Some SLF dudes include, WARM THIGHS, SENSAI HIMSELF,  and CULP. Their productions are hip-hop influenced in terms of drum patterns, and layered with fat analog synth leads.

Peep some of the SLF TAPES dudes’ productions here:

For more SLF TAPES peep the website here: http://www.slftapes.com



United States

Somewhat unknown beatmaker Placeholder, produces experimental electronic beats, influenced by future garage and deep house.

Placeholder’s productions typically comprise of pitch bent soulful vocal hooks over warm synth sounds and bass. The chopped and screwed vocals are arranged to sound melodic and compliment the beat.

The dude has yet to release a full album, having only released 2 tracks on soundcloud, and an EP in 2012 “Brothers”, as well as a track featuring on the “West In Dust” (2012) compilation.

The Brothers EP is an experimental deep house and future garage release, which illustrates the off pitch vocals and wonky synths over smooth beats. Lastly, the current tracks on the dude’s soundcloud are of an ambient nature suggesting an expected shift in style of production in his upcoming releases.

Cop Brothers EP here: http://www.beatport.com/release/brothers-ep/900136

Some dope Placeholder tracks to peep: