Earthwolf, by Disco Izrael

Graphic designer and MC for Cape Town-based rap groups Sedge Warbler and PHFAT, Disco is currently in the works of his next project, in the form of a solo release.

A first-look at the project is a video produced by the dude, and shows a smoke-up in the cut that translates to a surreal monologue expressing his thoughts and influences using distorted images and blurry visuals. The stop frame vid is reminiscent of Disco’s imagery-based style of raps, and includes an airy analog synth lead ‘church beat’ that he produced as well. The vid ends off with a snippet of a rap song  in progress produced by Desert_Head off the project.

The solo project is still in the construction phase at this point in time, and when asked about it, the homie had this to say:

“The video is about as much as I want to reveal at this point. The more I reveal the more people might expect and I’ve got a lot on my plate with PHFAT and Sedge Warbler at the moment. I will take small steps and then release the album when I have more time to devote to it”.

Having that being said, peep the video and keep an eye out for Oh! Dark Arrow on Soundcloud to hear any of the church beats off the forthcoming project.

Release date: unknown.



I kicked a cloud once

Berlin, Germany

Enigmatic, Danish beatmaker residing in Germany, “I kicked a cloud once”, produces experimental electronic hip-hop beats of an astral sort.

I kicked a cloud once appears to be a solo project, by illustrator and photographer, Rasmus Johansen. The dude’s productions are in the form of space age synth sounds, intertwined with raw 90s hip-hop drum patterns. The I kicked a cloud once project is fairly new, and has been running for 2 months now according to the dude’s soundcloud. Although a fairly recent producer on the scene, the homie has released some fat analog hip-hop beats of the 5th kind, and is clearly ahead of his time.

Yet to release a debut album, I kicked a cloud once has a boatload of dope beats worth a listen.

Scope some of them here:

Free Mix:


Card On Spokes

Cape Town, South Africa

South African Jazz musician Shane Cooper, produces experimental electronic hip-hop beats, under the alias “Card On Spokes (CoS)”.

Bassist for the jazz fusion band “Closet Snare”, as well as one half of a new alternative beats collaboration project with DANk, the dude’s productions are infectiously melodic, and unique. The crunchy analog synths, chords, and glitched out sounds significant of the Card On Spokes beatmanship, suggest experimentation through pushing the boundaries of different genres.

Card On Spokes released an EP in 2011, “In You Go”, his debut and only release thus far. This release, along with his Red Bull Studio mixtape, displays the warped out electronic hip-hop sounds infused with elements of jazz and funk, associated with the CoS style of production.

The collab with DANk, “Seafood ∆∆∆”, where CoS is referred to as “Datsun Brown” involves more of an acid trap, bass heavy, synthed out hip-hop sound, still influenced by jazz in certain elements of production. Both CoS productions are dope in their own right, and are different takes on similar genres in music.

Cop In You Go here:

Peep some dope CoS releases here:


Spies On Bikes

Tampa, United States

Visual artist and actor Nathan Cochran, produces experimental folk, electronica and hip-hop under the alias, Spies On Bikes.

The Spies On Bikes project has been running just over 2 years now, and the dude has gone from creating hip-hop beats, to future garage, to electronica, to ‘folktronica’; his current style of beatmanship. Characterised by warm old school synths, hip-hop drum patterns, and folk vocals, Spies On Bikes productions make for laid back Sunday afternoon listening. The lo-fi nature of the beats allow the listener to unwind, and straight max and relax.

Dude’s latest release and debut album “Man Overboard” (2012), is an ambient, atmospheric, folktronica album with elements of hip-hop and future garage. Some personal favourite tracks off the release include, “Warm”, “Long Walks And Recorded Talks”, and “Love Like Hours”.

Cop the album here on the dude’s bandcamp:

Some Spies On Bikes tracks to peep:

Safe Sunday


Los Angeles, United States

SAMIYAM is a Michigan-born experimental electronic instrumental beatmaker residing in LA, producing glitched-out, hip-hop oriented tracks significant of his own style.

As a BRAINFEEDER artist, the homie has released two electronic hip-hop albums; “Rap Beats Vol.1” (2008), and “Sam Baker’s Album” (2011). Both albums showcase the SAMIYAM style of beatmanship, which is symbolic of boombap type hip-hop layered with fat, grinding analog synth sounds. Each experimental beat is different in its own right, pushing boundaries with weird sample selections, mainly evident in Sam Baker’s Album.

Sam has been quiet on the scene in recent years, and according to his twitter, he is currently working on rap beats for a bunch of different rappers he has sourced. Thus we wait in anticipation for his next release.

In the mean time, cop both SAMIYAM albums here:

Rap Beats Vol.1:

Sam Baker’s Album:

A few personal favourite SAMIYAM tracks to peep:

An example of the rap beats that SAMIYAM is currently working on:


Featured artist: SLUGABED

London, Britain (UK)

Slugabed produces a mix between fat analog, and experimental electronica, and is under the record label Activia Benz. He has been selected as artist of the week for his left-of-centre beatmaking, and general new age persona.

Latest release:

Fat analog production:

Experimental electronica production: