Featured Artist: Soulo Starr

Johannesburg/Cape Town, South Africa

Soulo Starr drops his Early Works from 2007-2009, knocked out the MPC on Cosmic Dust Records.

The 9-track release includes raw, sample-based beats, chopping smooth vocal hooks, the occasional rap hook and sweet percussion sounds. Each beat signifies the golden era of hip-hop, through the live, edgy feel of the drums. Listening to the beats makes you want to rap on them, but you know you can’t as you have to savour the snares and kicks over each ill sample.

Some standout tracks off the release include: “4 DILLA”, “Afta”, and “The Mack”. Peep it here on Cosmic Dust, then cop it for $7 USD:


Peep Soulo Starr’s future mix for some turnt down, new wave hip-hop:



Featured artist: Oliver Palfreyman

London, Britain (UK)

Enigmatic beatmaker and member of the Fly By Night Collective, Oliver Palfreyman produces experimental, sample based hip-hop and electronica tracks.

The majority of Oliver’s productions take the shape of chillwave, electronica and raw loop based hip-hop beats. Dude uses enchanting synth leads, samples ambient sounds, and lays out boom-bap drum patterns, creating uniquely soulful projects.

In terms of the dude’s work on Fly By Night, his productions are loop-based beatstrumentals, reminiscent of  that raw vinyl sound. His recent solo stuff has a more dreamy, electronic element to it, whilst still taking the shape of instrumental beats.

Peep the Fly By Night Collective releases here: http://flybynightcollective.bandcamp.com

Oliver has only released 1 solo EP, which is an instrumental, hip-hop jazz influenced release. Cop it here as a free download: http://oliverpalfreyman.bandcamp.com/

Some standout soundcloud beats from Oliver Palfreyman: