Ackryte x JOOB 森本

A collab experimental sample-based hip-hop beatstrumental from two dudes on the come up in the US beatscene.

Having featured on Planetary Beats before, the homie JOOB has just released his next beat in collaboration with Ackryte, a Minneapolis-based beatmaker. The dudes share similar production styles namely; dope sample use, raw drum kicks and mad basslines. The track they conjured up is called ‘149th’ and is a piece of sampling wizardry. The beat is ill, sample is tight, chops are on point, and the synth leads compliment the other instruments. JOOB’s electronic influence is evident in the synth-work, and the hip-hop elements of the track are made up of Ackryte and JOOB’s production techniques meshed together. The track bumps massively and is definitely easy to get down to.

Peep the collab beat here:

A free rap song produced by Ackryte:




Bay Area, United States

Joob (kick snare) is a beatmaker from the San Francisco Bay Area, who produces experimental electronic future hip-hop.

The homie’s tracks resemble that of old school hip-hop beatstrumentals, smoothly layered with synth sounds, giving it that new age, electronic feel. Joob also makes use of soulful vocals on top of these hip-hop influenced beats to create a unique, whilst familiar sound.

This style of beatmaship is evident in the following of Joob’s tracks:

Cop the homie’s free EP here: