Earthwolf, by Disco Izrael

Graphic designer and MC for Cape Town-based rap groups Sedge Warbler and PHFAT, Disco is currently in the works of his next project, in the form of a solo release.

A first-look at the project is a video produced by the dude, and shows a smoke-up in the cut that translates to a surreal monologue expressing his thoughts and influences using distorted images and blurry visuals. The stop frame vid is reminiscent of Disco’s imagery-based style of raps, and includes an airy analog synth lead ‘church beat’ that he produced as well. The vid ends off with a snippet of a rap song  in progress produced by Desert_Head off the project.

The solo project is still in the construction phase at this point in time, and when asked about it, the homie had this to say:

“The video is about as much as I want to reveal at this point. The more I reveal the more people might expect and I’ve got a lot on my plate with PHFAT and Sedge Warbler at the moment. I will take small steps and then release the album when I have more time to devote to it”.

Having that being said, peep the video and keep an eye out for Oh! Dark Arrow on Soundcloud to hear any of the church beats off the forthcoming project.

Release date: unknown.



DANk, DJ Caviar

Cape Town, South Africa

Member of the *gravy* crew, one half of Sedge Warbler, and Se∆food, DANk produces glitch-hop and fat analog electronic beats of a new age nature.

Dude has been in the Cape Town electronic scene for years, collabing with local artists such as Rebel Clef, and Card On Spokes, as well as international rappers such as Cerebral Vortex and NoN Genetic. DANk’s productions range from downtempo glitch, to head wobbling bass, showing diversity in his approach to beatmaking.

Latest track by the homie is a slowed-up track with distorted vocals and rolling snares, and categorised by the genre “acid trap”. This one is a re-work of a Sedge Warbler track. Cop it for free here:

A personal favourite DANk track: