Earthly, spaced out, optic, and astral are some of the words that can be used to describe this ‘opposite of lucid’ upcoming release by PLACEHOLDER.

Release date unknown, the experimental EP mixes natural sounds with warm electronic synthwork and distorted instruments, creating a niche, in the form of a future ambient sound. Although an official release date has yet to be confirmed, the preview the dude uploaded shows we can expect a mature, yet edgy sound possibly influenced by nebulus and robots.

If space ships had sound systems in them, no doubt this pre-release would be stuck on repeat.



Featured artist: Bläp Dëli

Healdsburg, United States

Member of  TheSandboxCollective, beatmaker Bläp Dëli produces abstract electronic hip-hop beats categorised as “NSIDM”.

According to the homie, NSIDM involves warped out sounds that are most likely to make the listener feel intoxicated and bizarre. These intoxicating productions come about through vinyl cut sampling, live recordings, remixes and dope beats bounced out of drum pads.

The homie Bläp D’s beats consist of elements of raw hip-hop instrumentals, dreamy soulful synths, and smooth vocal hooks. Another admirable facet of the dude’s productions, are his change-ups. His beats tend to start off fairly modest, easing into things, and at a certain point, the beat escalates about 5 notches towards the future.

Residing in the woods, it appears as though Bläp Dëli gains a lot of his influence from his surroundings, as his productions have an ambient, planetary element as well, whilst still bearing that bass heavy hip-hop. Furthermore, one can appreciate the creativity that goes into the creation of these abstract beats, as each one takes the listener on a different encounter. However, one of the things that makes this dude next level is his selflessness, as the majority of releases (beats and albums) are available for free download or name your price.

Finally, having released a 20-track album at the beginning of this month “Astral Wax Experience”, Bläp D has a few projects in the pipe, such as featuring on a Pragmatic Theory release in the near future.

Grab some of the homie’s releases here, particularly “Muddy Waters” because it’s extra dope: http://blapdeli.bandcamp.com/

Cop “Astral Wax Experience” as a pay what you want download here: http://sandboxcollective.bandcamp.com/album/astral-wax-experience

Some dope Bläp D beats to peep:


A Sol Mechanic

Los Angeles, United States

A Sol Mechanic is an LA beatmaker that produces variations of experimental electronic hip-hop.

Sol’s productions comprise of a blend between new school and old school hip-hop, to create experimental sounds in the form of triphop, and chillwave. The dude’s beats are melodic and embody the boom bap-type hip-hop beats, and include raw, soulful vocal hooks.

A Sol Mechanic has a boatload of releases on his bandcamp available for download, and a variety of dope hip-hop oriented beats on his soundcloud. Peep some standout beats here:



United States

Somewhat unknown beatmaker Placeholder, produces experimental electronic beats, influenced by future garage and deep house.

Placeholder’s productions typically comprise of pitch bent soulful vocal hooks over warm synth sounds and bass. The chopped and screwed vocals are arranged to sound melodic and compliment the beat.

The dude has yet to release a full album, having only released 2 tracks on soundcloud, and an EP in 2012 “Brothers”, as well as a track featuring on the “West In Dust” (2012) compilation.

The Brothers EP is an experimental deep house and future garage release, which illustrates the off pitch vocals and wonky synths over smooth beats. Lastly, the current tracks on the dude’s soundcloud are of an ambient nature suggesting an expected shift in style of production in his upcoming releases.

Cop Brothers EP here: http://www.beatport.com/release/brothers-ep/900136

Some dope Placeholder tracks to peep:



San Francisco, United States

B.Lewis is an experimental electronic hip-hop beatmaker, residing in San Jose, California.

Synthed out, boom bap hip-hop beats are significant of B.Lewis productions. Similarly to other beatmakers in the same category, the dude makes use of dope samples when creating these tracks. However, what makes B unique is his drum patterns and offbeat yet somehow melodic sounds. The dude has a bunch of  these beats available for download on his bandcamp page, each release different in its own  right.

The lushness of the synths, combined with the bass heavy hip-hop kicks and carefully selected samples, mesh creatively and form the B.Lewis sought after style of production.

The dude’s latest release is a full length album “Finding Incandescence” (2013), which dropped in April, and is available for download on his bandcamp for $8 USD or more.

Peep B.Lewis’ bandcamp page here and cop some releases: http://blewis.bandcamp.com

Some personal favourite B.Lewis tracks:


I kicked a cloud once

Berlin, Germany

Enigmatic, Danish beatmaker residing in Germany, “I kicked a cloud once”, produces experimental electronic hip-hop beats of an astral sort.

I kicked a cloud once appears to be a solo project, by illustrator and photographer, Rasmus Johansen. The dude’s productions are in the form of space age synth sounds, intertwined with raw 90s hip-hop drum patterns. The I kicked a cloud once project is fairly new, and has been running for 2 months now according to the dude’s soundcloud. Although a fairly recent producer on the scene, the homie has released some fat analog hip-hop beats of the 5th kind, and is clearly ahead of his time.

Yet to release a debut album, I kicked a cloud once has a boatload of dope beats worth a listen.

Scope some of them here:

Free Mix:


Card On Spokes

Cape Town, South Africa

South African Jazz musician Shane Cooper, produces experimental electronic hip-hop beats, under the alias “Card On Spokes (CoS)”.

Bassist for the jazz fusion band “Closet Snare”, as well as one half of a new alternative beats collaboration project with DANk, the dude’s productions are infectiously melodic, and unique. The crunchy analog synths, chords, and glitched out sounds significant of the Card On Spokes beatmanship, suggest experimentation through pushing the boundaries of different genres.

Card On Spokes released an EP in 2011, “In You Go”, his debut and only release thus far. This release, along with his Red Bull Studio mixtape, displays the warped out electronic hip-hop sounds infused with elements of jazz and funk, associated with the CoS style of production.

The collab with DANk, “Seafood ∆∆∆”, where CoS is referred to as “Datsun Brown” involves more of an acid trap, bass heavy, synthed out hip-hop sound, still influenced by jazz in certain elements of production. Both CoS productions are dope in their own right, and are different takes on similar genres in music.

Cop In You Go here: http://www.amazon.com/In-You-Go/dp/B0060I13K2/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1321862742&sr=301-1

Peep some dope CoS releases here:


Featured artist: Harmonic 313

Sydney, Australia

Harmonic 313 is an experimental hip-hop electronica side project by electronic music producer and DJ, Mark Pritchard.

Formed in 2008, the 313 solo project involves galactic hip-hop and dancehall productions, along with golden era hip-hop, mixed with trap, jungle, and dancehall DJ sets. The project is an off-shoot of the Detroit style electronic hip-hop project Harmonic 33 with Dave Brinkworth.

The 2008 Harmonic 313 beatmanship was significant of warped out, 8-bit, cosmic sounds supported by heavy bass and bumping hip-hop drum patterns. The dude released 2 EPs in 2008, “Dirtbox” and “EP 1”, both in line with this style of production. As 2009 approached, 313 released “When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence”, a full length album, which comprised of tracks from his previous EPs, as well some new ones. These new age, left-of-centre electronic hip-hop beats were clearly ahead of their time, and are mainly beatstrumentals, with the odd vocal track or two.

The 2012 to present 313 production style has shifted towards electronic reggae, and dancehall and is mainly evident in the dude’s DJ sets and the occasional track posted on his soundcloud

Cop EP 1 here: http://warp.net/records/releases/harmonic-313/ep1

Cop Dirtbox EP here: http://warp.net/records/releases/harmonic-313/dirtbox

Cop When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence here: http://warp.net/records/releases/harmonic-313/when-machines-exceed

Some ill 313 tracks to peep:



Oakland CA, United States

Insightful is a Callie-based beatmaker that produces experimental electronic hip-hop tracks.

Synthed out, and packed with heavy sub-bass, Insightful’s fat beats are versatile as they make for headbobbing listening, and are club bangers in their own right. The dude has released a few albums on his bandcamp page, that range from experimental hip-hop to slowed up electronica. More often that not, his beats include tripped out vocal hooks that compliment the sub-bass and space age sounding instruments.

In terms of his releases, some standout ones are:

Fondle Package (2013), an electronic hip-hop remix release

The Shy Lanterns Glow (2012), an experimental hip-hop album

Both albums are available as pay as you want downloads on the homie’s bandcamp page: http://insightful.bandcamp.com/

Latest Insightful track:


Featured artist: Lapalux

Britain, UK

BRAINFEEDER artist Lapalux, produces future experimental electronica beats.

Difficult to categorise because of their unorthodox and unique sound, Lapalux productions always seem to captivate the listener, and for that reason, are regarded as planetarybeats.

The dude’s beats are often slowed up, backed by smooth, lady-vocals and layered with complex grinding synth sounds, whilst still managing to sound musical. The distorted drum patterns and other captivating instrument sounds, with the occasional laser, are all symbolic of the Lapalux beatmanship. The dude’s creativity only adds to the listening pleasure of each track, by telling a different story. The melodic, sample-based Lapalux beats are truly encapsulating and possibly an idea of what the future will sound like.

Homie has recently released an album “Nostalchic” (2013), with incredible tracks such as “Without You (feat. Kerry Leatham)”, which features a music video that is just as, if not more creative, than the track itself. Dude has released a future garage album “When You’re Gone” (2012), which is still significant of the Lapalux style of production, differing from traditional UK future garage.

Cop Nostalchic here:


Cop When You’re Gone here:


“Without You” official music video:


Some dope Lapalux tracks to peep: