Earthly, spaced out, optic, and astral are some of the words that can be used to describe this ‘opposite of lucid’ upcoming release by PLACEHOLDER.

Release date unknown, the experimental EP mixes natural sounds with warm electronic synthwork and distorted instruments, creating a niche, in the form of a future ambient sound. Although an official release date has yet to be confirmed, the preview the dude uploaded shows we can expect a mature, yet edgy sound possibly influenced by nebulus and robots.

If space ships had sound systems in them, no doubt this pre-release would be stuck on repeat.



Featured artist: O’ltak

Cape Town, South Africa

Gaborone, Botswana-born beatmaker O’ltak, produces space age experimental electronic hip-hop beatstrumentals.

Featured as artist of the week on planetarybeats for his uniquely African meets futuristic sound, O’ltak is arguably one of the dopest South African producers in the electronic scene. Having released an EP “Foggy Trails” on Cosmic Dust Records, and being a member of the *gravy* crew (Cape Town), homie has definitely made a name for himself with his left-of-centre productions. Get to know, now you know.

A few notable O’ltak tracks to peep:

Finally, a free mixtape:



Minsk, Belarus

Deech, another Activia Benz artist, produces electronic hip-hop glitched out beats on an experimental tip.

Dude has released two EPs on bandcamp thus far, one in 2010 (“Eight”) and one in 2012 (“Multi-layered Shining”). First off, it is only fair to give the man mad props for making both of these amazing releases free downloads. Secondly, both are hip-hop electronic releases, and comprise of spacey beats layered with analog synths sounds, bleeps, bloops and lasers. Eight is a personal favourite album, as it is arguably the more experimental of the two, as well as being more hip-hop influenced.

Cop both releases here for free: http://deech.bandcamp.com

Peep track 1 off Eight, probably the most space age of the tracks: