Featured artist: Oliver Palfreyman

London, Britain (UK)

Enigmatic beatmaker and member of the Fly By Night Collective, Oliver Palfreyman produces experimental, sample based hip-hop and electronica tracks.

The majority of Oliver’s productions take the shape of chillwave, electronica and raw loop based hip-hop beats. Dude uses enchanting synth leads, samples ambient sounds, and lays out boom-bap drum patterns, creating uniquely soulful projects.

In terms of the dude’s work on Fly By Night, his productions are loop-based beatstrumentals, reminiscent of  that raw vinyl sound. His recent solo stuff has a more dreamy, electronic element to it, whilst still taking the shape of instrumental beats.

Peep the Fly By Night Collective releases here: http://flybynightcollective.bandcamp.com

Oliver has only released 1 solo EP, which is an instrumental, hip-hop jazz influenced release. Cop it here as a free download: http://oliverpalfreyman.bandcamp.com/

Some standout soundcloud beats from Oliver Palfreyman:



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